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This page shows a summary of the data for the 24 h local time
Temperature and humidity
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Average Temperature 
Temperature Range 
High Apparent Temperature
Low Apparent Temperature
High Heat Index
Low Wind Chill
Maximum dew point
Minimum dew point
High Humidity%
Low Humidity%
Heat degree days 
Cool degree days 
Hours of Sunshine 
Solar radiation
UV index
Rainfall for yesterday  
Maximum rain rate /hr
High Hourly Rainfall
Highest Gust
Highest Speed (10 minute average) ()
Wind bearing°
Dominant Direction°  
Wind Run  
Beaufort scale
Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure
Low Pressure

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The Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) group at TU Delft is a research group, not a data provider. It means that we are using our sensing facilities (S-band PARSAX radar, X-band scanning radar, video-cameras and weather station) as a platform for experimentation (test-bed) with a primary goal to study and further develop the radar technology, sensing signals and data processing algorithms for wide range of applications. We are running in parallel many projects that periodically require to switch our sensors from standard data collection mode, which is used for presented on this site information system, to experimental modes, which could not be visualized here. We are also working continuously to improve sensing and processing capabilities of our sensors and these works can be done only off-line.

As result, we could not promise and guarantee that you will find any time this site updated with current information, but we will do our best. There are time stamps on all images, in all tables - check them carefully. 

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